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All of our products are handmade with love, in small batches using natural, organic ingredients.
We believe in the benefits of holistic care as plants carry various amounts of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. We want to feed your skin with the best of the best so your skin truly looks and feels youthful. Our products are created in small batches for formulation accuracy and to ensure that we bring you the same high quality products every single time. 
Our products are cruelty-free, vegan and sustainable. 🌳 

Meet The Founder

I've struggled with my skin since grade 8, and I've had to deal with everything from irritation, dryness to pustular acne, painful clusters of cystic acne, etc. During my high school years I would blindly experiment with anything that was thrown at me. I've tried multiple face washes, creams, prescription creams, oral medications, and personally, nothing seemed to work! 
I gave up on it all, and started to focus on the basics. I started focusing on my health, the food I'd consume, exercising, which lead me to experimenting with natural DIY's, I started with what ever I could find laying around in my kitchen. After seeing small changes, I started doing a lot of research and studying about natural ingredients, their composition and their benefits. Over the years I've truly fallen in love with creating skincare, especially because my own skin loved it, and over time, it's recovered well! 

Here is my personal skin journey:

And this is what my skin looks like currently: 

No editing, no make up, I want to be honest and transparent. My skin is a work in progress, and I am so happy with my results thus far!

Yes, skincare is incredibly important to me, I want to know what goes into a product and I want to make sure it is free of anything harmful. I feel incredibly honoured that I now have the ability to create products, and I assure you 1. full transparency and 2. our ingredients are natural, clean, and organic.