How To Combat Winter Dryness

Are you experiencing dry skin during the winter months? Do you feel a tight pull after cleansing? Or have dry patches on your skin, flakiness/peeling? Is your makeup not sitting the same? Do you see premature wrinkles and/or fine lines?Don't worry, you're not alone! 

 Let me walk you through a proper skincare routine, this will help you maximize the amount moisture in your skin, and ultimately, keep your skin hydrated. 

First, you want to cleanse your face, anything gentle with as little of synthetic ingredients and preservatives as possible (commercial products tend to have a lot of salt as well, which naturally causes dry skin). Use lukewarm water instead of hot water, because hot water may strip away all your natural oils.

Then, while your skin is still damp, you want to apply your toner. Make sure you apply all your water-based products before you use any oil based products. If you apply an oil based product prior to a water based product, the oil will block the water from absorbing into your skin, which means you'll lose any benefits associated with the water based product.

You can mist your face with toner, all throughout the day, even over your makeup to keep your skin glowing!

Once your toner absorbs, go ahead and apply your facial serum (you can find EMPOWER Rejuvenating Facial Serum here: This step is important because this is where you target your skin concerns, whether its dry skin, inflammation, wrinkles, acne, scarring, etc.

Massage the serum thoroughly into your skin, in slow up-ward and circular motions. I personally like to include a quick, daily facial massage (exercise) right at this step! (I will be posting the exact routine on my blog soon, stay tuned!) and this is to activate your facial muscles, promote blood circulation, plump up your skin and avoid signs of aging, such as wrinkles! 

After your serum, apply your moisturizer, this one is important! The common mistake is to finish your routine after applying facial serum, or skipping the serum and only applying moisturizer, both steps are essential. Repeat these steps at night and use a heavier moisturizer, with slower penetration. And voila! Your routine is finished! It's quite simple isn't it? If it's a sunny day, and you're spending lots of time outside, make sure you apply SPF! I will link a well respected SPF below, that I myself use, but you are encouraged to do your own research as well! 

Extra note: It's important to include exfoliation 1-2 times a week, this will get rid of old, dead skin cells, and help your skin absorb all the beautiful benefits of your skincare products, and penetrate through much deeper layers of your skin!  

Now that we got through your skin care routine, lets move onto the next step

DRINKING WATER. This is so simple yet so hard for most of us. Water is conveniently available to us 24/7, and yet we don't take full advantage of it. Drinking enough water per day, not only keeps your skin hydrated, but it also keeps your brain alert, AND helps with weight management. So much beauty in water. 

I suggest, set an alarm on your phone, for every hour, or every 2 hours to remember to drink a glass of water. From the time you wake up, to the time you go to sleep. Every time your alarm goes off, you know it's time to have a glass of water. Or maybe it's easier for you to always have a water bottle on hand. You can also include fruits and veggies into your diet, they're full of water AND antioxidants, and of course all the good vitamins and nutrients needed for your optimal daily health. 



-Avoid hot steaming showers! - As I previously mentioned, hot water will strip away any natural oils from your skin, you definitely don't want that! 

- Get yourself a humidifier. - Oh yes! Cold, dry air rids of moisture from your skin, a humidifier increases moisture levels in the air, preventing dryness in your skin! And if you're a fan of essential oils, you're going to want one where you can diffuse essential oils at the same time! This way you're getting double the benefits, moisture in the air, in your skin AND therapeutic aromas, which are great for relaxation!

Or you can get these two devices separately, as a normal essential oil diffuser will only add a small amount of humidity to the room, and there are only a few essential oil diffusers that are considered humidifiers. The good news is that essential oil diffusers are super cheap! But remember, a humidifier is your priority, because you will be able to control the moisture levels in the air. I've attached links to all below! Wishing your skin lots of hydration! 



SPF : La Roche-Posey


Essential Oil Diffuser:

Humidifier/Diffuser (2 In 1):

Water Bottle with Time marker + Infuser:


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