I Have Oily Skin, Will Face Oils Clog My Pores?

Often people think that because their skin is already oily, applying more oil will only cause breakouts, and this is the common misconception.

There are many, many oils out there that will absolutely not clog your pores (noncomedogenic)! For years we have been told to avoid using oils on our skin, but many recent studies have shown that oils are actually very healthy for skin. Mainstream skincare tends to use a lot of salts, pH adjusters, and synthetic preservatives which can be harsh on skin and strip the skin’s natural oils. You may be thinking “who wants oily skin anyways?”, well… this is what’s actually causing your skin to break out. When your skin is stripped of oil, your skin becomes dehydrated and dry, which then causes your skin to over produce sebum resulting in oily skin, which leads to clogged pores and well…breakouts. Using the right oils, can help your skin maintain a healthy level of sebum, enough to keep your skin hydrated and protected.

Many oils actually serve to regulate sebum production. They can maintain correct levels of sebum (oil) in your skin, pretty awesome isn’t it?

If you’re new to facial serums, you can start out with simple, gentle oils that resemble our natural sebum, such as jojoba, almond, sunflower and rosehip. You can’t go wrong with these oils, they’re lightweight, noncomedogenic, and serve many benefits to our skin. For example, they are moisturizing, help boost collagen production, antibacterial, improve complexion and skin tone, reduce appearance of scars, reverse sun damage, and are filled with antioxidants. 

There are several oils to choose from, which all serve a different purpose, many serve they same purpose with extra cherries on top! It’s a whole new world of skincare, clean, organic, vegan and magical!


 EMPOWER- Facial Serum: 



Always do your own research, take note of your allergies, and perform patch tests on any new product used.

Patch test:

Apply a small amount of product onto the inside of your elbow, wait 24-48 hours to see if any irritation occurs.

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